Ananya Tanttu is a photographer and video artist currently based between Helsinki and the United Kingdom. Her personal practice is primarily auto-biographical, with an invitation to open interpretation and potential transpersonal relatability.
Self-reflective at its core, her work illustrates a yearning for an element of the sublime in her immediate reality. She sincerely, yet also playfully, attempts to depict a visual narrative on both metaphysical and material layers of existence. In seeking out a subjective symbolism, she creates a personal mythology of sorts.

Her aspiration is for a photograph to transcend a mere representation, and for it to thus echo something of the inherent ritualistic and sacred nature of artwork; an everyday means of looking for the infinite in the finite. She is most intrigued and inspired by the natural world, ancient cultures, our societal obsession with images, and the human search for meaning and belonging. Attending to the primal relationship between human and land is a central focus in her artistic research, as much as it is a form of personal catharsis.

An important feature of the presentation of her image-based work is their physical installation, allowing the images to be in dialogue with a surrounding. Parallel to that, a performative aspect has taken a lead in her video work, as she steps away from being solely a spectator.


2022    Altar, solo exhibition
            Photographic Gallery Hippolyte, Helsinki
2022    Hidden, group exhibition
            The Copper Smithy, Fiskars
2020    Gathering, group exhibition
            Lokal, Helsinki
2019    My Mortality is Killing Me, group exhibition
            Mariankatu 23, Helsinki
2018    The Lives of Others, book release exhibition,
            Gallery Factory, Seoul
2018    Sisterhood, joined exhibition
            Lokal, Helsinki
2017    Generation, group exhibition
            Amos Anderson Art Museum, Helsinki
2014    SELF, joined exhibition
            Unknown Cargo, Helsinki
2013    Fragments (Of you and I), solo exhibition
            Unknown Cargo, Helsinki
2011    Three Generations, group exhibition
            Laterna Magica, Helsinki