I am a photographer and video artist currently based between Helsinki and London. My approach is primarily auto-biographical, with an invitation to open interpretation and transpersonal relatability. Self-reflective at its core, my work illustrates a yearning for an element of the sublime in my immediate reality. I sincerely yet playfully attempt to depict a visual narrative on both metaphysical and material layers of existence. In seeking out a subjective symbolism, I create a personal mythology of sorts.

My aspiration is for a photograph to transcend representation, and for it to thus echo something of the inherent ritualistic and sacred nature of artwork. I see it as an everyday means of looking for the infinite in the finite. I find myself most intrigued, triggered and inspired by the natural world, ancient cultures, our societal obsession with images, and the human search for meaning and need for belonging. The relationship between human and land is a central question in my artistic research.

An important feature of the presentation of my work is their physical installation. Creating a presentation using different materials and structures allows me to give images a carefully constructed context in which they are in dialogue with a surrounding. Parallel to that, a performative aspect has taken a big lead in my video work. I step away from behind the camera in order to engage with what Iā€™m capturing, to actively make myself a visible participant of that world.